March 2017 Player of the Month

Olivia Nitoglia is the March 2017 club-wide Player of the Month!

Tstreet 15- Bryan POM is Olivia Nitoglia. Olivia plays just about every position on our team and does whatever she is asked with a smile and a hardworking attitude. In most tournaments Olivia plays opposite, where she blocks high level outsides and is trusted to get kills in crunch time. Olivia also assists in the serve receive duties when she is back row and has a terrific platform. Olivia has been awesome to coach and is a very supportive teammate. Great job, Liv! Keep up the good work!
Coaches Bryan & Mike


What is your “take away” from the sport of volleyball?

“My take away from volleyball would have to be to commit to what you put your mind to. If you decide to play a sport, then  be dedicated to that decision. This not only means attending practice, showing effort and a positive attitude, but it also means giving yourself and your teammates your all on and off the court. Allowing yourself to grow into a team mindset will give your team the support and leverage it needs to continually get better both physically and mentally. Commitment also means being able to take the good and the bad and be able to push through it. Coaches, teammates, opponents, parents, or almost anyone can give you advice or criticism that can be used to your benefit. It may not always seem this way, but in the long run, everything in your life is preparing you for something greater down the road. “

What have you given back to volleyball?

“I believe I have given back to volleyball by not giving up, and having a positive attitude. I have not been playing as long as other players have been, but this has given me a reason to push myself for both me as an individual, and my team, to do better as players. I try my best to give a positive vibe on the court and to help uplift my teammates during difficult times. No matter the situation, my main goal is to strive to help my team breathe, and then go compete.”

 What is your favorite Tstreet memory?

“My favorite Tstreet memory is definitely from my first year playing club volleyball. I was playing out of the Laguna Beach location, and was at my last day of Festival in Arizona. I was still new to how club and tournaments worked, but I was so excited to start my last tournament day. Our team was in our final game, and we battled so hard and ended up winning the final match. The only thing was, it was the final match of a lower division. We played for the capital division plaque, and, to be honest, I still don’t know what that means. This went for a lot of us, but we didn’t mind. We all were so stoked at the fact that we had been given some sort of validation that said “You worked so hard, and you deserve this”. I still remember taking team pictures holding the little plaques, and each team member hugging one another out of joy.  We didn’t care that we didn’t come in first, but were proud at our effort. “

Way to go Olivia! We’re stoked you play for Tstreet.

Stay tuned for the April Player of the Month announcement