Highlight Tape

In need of a college recruiting video?

RK Visuals can help! Our volleyball-specific, individualized recruiting film is designed to help High School and Club Athletes be seen from College Coaches across the country. Services Include: Free Consultation, 2-3 Minute Highlight Tape, Player Profile on Tstreet Wesbite, Sports Channel Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Your tape will be professionally edited from a volleyball coaching perspective in a visually captivating way.

BOOKING : Send an email to Info@tstreetvolleyball.com

When you book with RKVisuals, you will get a custom Tstreet webpage. This is a great way to get the attention of college programs, providing coaches with all the necessary information and video. Check out Elyse Stowell‘s page to get an idea of what your profile would look like!

RK Visuals is the brainchild of Tstreet coach Ryan Ridera.

Ryan Redira is a visual creator based in Los Angeles, California. Ryan began shooting video and photos while being a student athlete at Concordia Irvine University. Through his travels during college volleyball season, he took advantage of his air miles and developed a real passion for shooting.

He is the owner and creator of Sunny Livin Co.which is a lifestyle clothing company based in Huntington Beach. He has worked and collaborated with numerous professional athletes, published models, and social media influencers.

Ryan has built a very strong social media platform. He believes that with every shoot he is involved with is a learning opportunity and is always looking to create and inspire through his work.