February 2018 Player of the Month – Meg Brown

Meg Brown is the February 2018 club-wide Player of the Month!

The Tstreet 16 – Mike POM for February is Meg Brown. Committed to Alabama, she’s the type of athlete that coaches notice: she’s focused, powerful and a terrific teammate. Meg is one of our captains and has displayed her leadership by her attitude, ability, and commitment to the team. She sets the tone as an attacker and is often our kill leader. Meg has a cannon for an arm and can put a variety of sets into rhythm. This month, she led our team’s hitting percentage to take 2nd at Mandatory 1 and remained in great form at Triple Crown.

Meg- keep leading the charge!

Coaches Mike & Colton


What is your “take away” from the sport of volleyball?

“My take away from volleyball is that I am learning how to be the best person I can be in any situation. It is tough when you are in a difficult situation during a match. I always try to stay positive and calm in these circumstances because I know that “whatever happens, happens,” and it’s never the end of the world (even though it may seem like it sometimes!). This affects not only my volleyball life, but my social life as well. It has taught me to always stay happy, calm, and look at problems from a different perspective. I am so grateful for the sport and couldn’t live without it.”

What have you given back to volleyball?

“I think that I have given back to volleyball my attitude and perseverance. When playing volleyball, I always try emotionally to stay at the same level. I don’t like to get too excited or too down on myself, either. I try to spread this around the team, because I believe that staying cool, calm and collected in tough situations helps everyone to make better decisions and ultimately helps win a game. Perseverance is also a big part of my game. No matter how down we are, or if everyone else seems to have given up, I will always try and give 100% to help my team in any way. As a middle, it’s hard only playing 3 rotations, so when I’m off I try to be the loudest on the sideline, cheering on my teammates so they can persevere too. By doing these things, I feel I am being the best teammate and friend I can be!”

 What is your favorite Tstreet memory?

“My favorite Tstreet memory is at our first mandatory this year. We played a lot of the same teams we had previously lost to last year, however we came out super strong and determined and were able to beat them! It was a really fun experience for me and my teammates because after that tournament we all got a lot closer and better as a team. It showed us that we can do anything if we all work together and as one.”

Way to go Meg! We’re stoked you play for Tstreet.

Stay tuned for the March Player of the Month announcement