February 2018 Player of the Month – Meg Brown

Meg Brown is the February 2018 club-wide Player of the Month!

The Tstreet 16 – Mike POM for February is Meg Brown. Committed to Alabama, she’s the type of athlete that coaches notice: she’s focused, powerful and a terrific teammate. Meg is one of our captains and has displayed her leadership by her attitude, ability, and commitment to the team. She sets the tone as an attacker and is often our kill leader. Meg has a cannon for an arm and can put a variety of sets into rhythm. This month, she led our team’s hitting percentage to take 2nd at Mandatory 1 and remained in great form at Triple Crown.

Meg- keep leading the charge!

Coaches Mike & Colton


What is your “take away” from the sport of volleyball?

“My take away from volleyball is that I am learning how to be the best person I can be in any situation. It is tough when you are in a difficult situation during a match. I always try to stay positive and calm in these circumstances because I know that “whatever happens, happens,” and it’s never the end of the world (even though it may seem like it sometimes!). This affects not only my volleyball life, but my social life as well. It has taught me to always stay happy, calm, and look at problems from a different perspective. I am so grateful for the sport and couldn’t live without it.”

What have you given back to volleyball?

“I think that I have given back to volleyball my attitude and perseverance. When playing volleyball, I always try emotionally to stay at the same level. I don’t like to get too excited or too down on myself, either. I try to spread this around the team, because I believe that staying cool, calm and collected in tough situations helps everyone to make better decisions and ultimately helps win a game. Perseverance is also a big part of my game. No matter how down we are, or if everyone else seems to have given up, I will always try and give 100% to help my team in any way. As a middle, it’s hard only playing 3 rotations, so when I’m off I try to be the loudest on the sideline, cheering on my teammates so they can persevere too. By doing these things, I feel I am being the best teammate and friend I can be!”

 What is your favorite Tstreet memory?

“My favorite Tstreet memory is at our first mandatory this year. We played a lot of the same teams we had previously lost to last year, however we came out super strong and determined and were able to beat them! It was a really fun experience for me and my teammates because after that tournament we all got a lot closer and better as a team. It showed us that we can do anything if we all work together and as one.”

Way to go Meg! We’re stoked you play for Tstreet.

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January 2018 Player of the Month – Avery Stowell

Avery Stowell is the January 2018 club-wide Player of the Month!

My January Player of the Month is Avery Stowell.  I thoroughly enjoy working with Avery and know what I’m going to get every time she steps onto the practice and competition court – a 100 percent effort, a great attitude, a wonderful teammate, consistency and production.  Avery is coachable and wants feedback.  She wants to be pushed and held to a high standard.  During our teams’ 9-0 run through the SCVA qualifiers, her steady play and composure helped us get out of several difficult situations.  Avery’s been with us for years and is a model Tstreet athlete and young lady with a huge future.  She received multiple scholarship offers but chose to represent herself, family, club and country at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland (thank you in advance for your service).  Your Tstreet family could not be more proud of you and look forward to watching you achieve amazing things.  Anchors away and great job, Avery.
Coach Troy, Carson & Colton


What is your “take away” from the sport of volleyball?

“Hard work, communication, self discipline, self belief, and teamwork are some of the many lessons I will take with me into my future. “

What have you given back to volleyball?

“By playing my best at all moments, I am able to make teammates and competitors better while working on me. We all give and learn from each other helping one another to our futures. “

 What is your favorite Tstreet memory?

“I will never forget the day teammate, Katie Lukes, and I decided to go to war across the net. It continues into the present day. I look her in the eyes and she to mine and we make our statements. “You won’t be able to stop me, Avery.” Or “I’ll get you girl”. I respond “I mean you can try” and “Hold my earrings Katie because we are about to go to battle”. We are constantly trying to make each other better by competing hard at every moment. “

Way to go Avery! We’re stoked you play for Tstreet.

Stay tuned for the February Player of the Month announcement

April 2017 Player of the Month

Irene Ortega is the April 2017 club-wide Player of the Month!

15-Ramon Player of the month is Irene Ortega. Irene plays libero and has constantly been bettering her serve receive every practice. Irene has been passing above 2.0 in the past month and has been a key player in our past tournaments. She is an aggressive back row player who solidifies our serve and pass and also defense. Keep up the hard work, Irene! Always #BBB
Coach Ramon


What is your “take away” from the sport of volleyball?

“My take away from volleyball is positivity. Having a positive vibe can determine your relationship with your teammates. I have learned that encouraging your teammates to be the best version of themselves has a great outcome. Once you make a mistake you learn what you did wrong and move on by not getting down on yourself about it. That is what positivity means to me. Even if you make an overpass and get the point because no one went for it you should still be positive about. It all starts with you. Positivity cannot just only be one person, it has to come from everyone. I believe that that is one of the biggest things I learned from the sport of volleyball. Positivity is key.”

What have you given back to volleyball?

“I believe I have given back to volleyball my determination. I have never been the kind of person that misses practice or likes to be late. I think that once I started to play volleyball a couple of years ago I have been able to really understand what it means to be determined. To me determination means problem solving and willpower. In volleyball determination means getting to practice on time, being aggressive, and having courage to try new things.”

 What is your favorite Tstreet memory?

“I have experienced so many great Tstreet memories but one of my personal favorites was at practice  during coach on one. I started off great picking up balls and doing pancakes, but all of a sudden my legs were slowly getting tired to the point where my coach threw the ball really far and while I was running to get it, I fell. I was on the floor for a good 15 seconds and I was the laughing the whole time with my team because it just happened out of no where and I looked really dumb. Even though it was really embarrassing, I will always look back at these moments and remember all the crazy stuff that has happened and laugh some more. “

Way to go Irene! We’re stoked you play for Tstreet.

Stay tuned for the May Player of the Month announcement

March 2017 Player of the Month

Olivia Nitoglia is the March 2017 club-wide Player of the Month!

Tstreet 15- Bryan POM is Olivia Nitoglia. Olivia plays just about every position on our team and does whatever she is asked with a smile and a hardworking attitude. In most tournaments Olivia plays opposite, where she blocks high level outsides and is trusted to get kills in crunch time. Olivia also assists in the serve receive duties when she is back row and has a terrific platform. Olivia has been awesome to coach and is a very supportive teammate. Great job, Liv! Keep up the good work!
Coaches Bryan & Mike


What is your “take away” from the sport of volleyball?

“My take away from volleyball would have to be to commit to what you put your mind to. If you decide to play a sport, then  be dedicated to that decision. This not only means attending practice, showing effort and a positive attitude, but it also means giving yourself and your teammates your all on and off the court. Allowing yourself to grow into a team mindset will give your team the support and leverage it needs to continually get better both physically and mentally. Commitment also means being able to take the good and the bad and be able to push through it. Coaches, teammates, opponents, parents, or almost anyone can give you advice or criticism that can be used to your benefit. It may not always seem this way, but in the long run, everything in your life is preparing you for something greater down the road. “

What have you given back to volleyball?

“I believe I have given back to volleyball by not giving up, and having a positive attitude. I have not been playing as long as other players have been, but this has given me a reason to push myself for both me as an individual, and my team, to do better as players. I try my best to give a positive vibe on the court and to help uplift my teammates during difficult times. No matter the situation, my main goal is to strive to help my team breathe, and then go compete.”

 What is your favorite Tstreet memory?

“My favorite Tstreet memory is definitely from my first year playing club volleyball. I was playing out of the Laguna Beach location, and was at my last day of Festival in Arizona. I was still new to how club and tournaments worked, but I was so excited to start my last tournament day. Our team was in our final game, and we battled so hard and ended up winning the final match. The only thing was, it was the final match of a lower division. We played for the capital division plaque, and, to be honest, I still don’t know what that means. This went for a lot of us, but we didn’t mind. We all were so stoked at the fact that we had been given some sort of validation that said “You worked so hard, and you deserve this”. I still remember taking team pictures holding the little plaques, and each team member hugging one another out of joy.  We didn’t care that we didn’t come in first, but were proud at our effort. “

Way to go Olivia! We’re stoked you play for Tstreet.

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February 2017 Player of the Month

Jamie Brown is the February 2017 club-wide Player of the Month!

The POM nominee for 16 Jess is Jamie Brown! Jamie has really upped her game this month and continually works hard in the gym. For the year so far she is hitting .361! She is a middle that teams have to watch out for! Jamie comes to practice every day with a great attitude and work ethic. Her efficiency on offense and great blocking have helped her team to start SCVA Mandatories in division 1. Keep up the great work, Jamie!
Coach Jess & Ellie


What is your “take away” from the sport of volleyball?

“My take away from playing volleyball is to never stop working hard. Everything is constantly changing and just because you’re a starter in one game doesn’t mean you will be in the next. Every girl I play with or against are pushing themselves to be the best they can be so I know I can’t be lazy. I think it’s funny when people ask about off season because I’ve learned from these girls there is no off season. We go from high school, to club to beach and find time in between to workout because we are so competitive and love this sport. The discipline I have learned in volleyball has translated off the court into my school work and extracurriculars.”

What have you given back to volleyball?

“I believe I have given back to volleyball by having a great attitude and always giving my best effort. I try to be positive and support my teammates as well as have fun without losing focus. Despite how tired I am I strive to still give it my all in games and practice.”

 What is your favorite Tstreet memory?

“I’ve had so many amazing memories at Tstreet but my favorite is from the first time I stepped into the gym. My sister and I came to tryout and were early so my mom backed into a parking space. She backed right into a hedge in front of all the coaches and when we walked in they were all laughing. We couldn’t help but laugh with them and I immediately felt welcomed here. The coaches are all role models and I’ve meet some of my best friends playing on the same team. It truly feels like a family and a place where I belong.”

Thanks Jamie! Keep up the fantastic work.

Stay tuned for the March Player of the Month announcement!