18-Shawn – National Champions – Open Division

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18-1’s are the Open Division National Champions!

Congrats to our 18’s team for winning the 18 Open Gold National Championship in New Orleans!   “Who Dat!!”
Our girls BBB’ed their way through the the most competitive pool and toughest playoff route to Tstreet’s first Open Gold Medal. It was a perfect script.

This team has been a pleasure to train.  We were tested every tournament but these girls refused to let an early loss define them! Their resiliency comes from training with purpose.  We earned the right to be confident at crunch time from hard and smart work in the gym! This team has taken great pride in taking care of the little things of volleyball like down ball adjustments, area one defense, off blocker responsibility, right hand placement on left side hitters, left hand position on slide hitters, middle blocker setting ..you name it, this team mindfully trained. When we faced a tough server, we just turned it into our triangle bowling drill.  We trained the right way and we confidently got better during every tournament we played.

Our rally cry was simply, “Play how we train!”

Congrats girls on a wonderful season:
Bronze Medal, Las Vegas
Gold Medal, Colorado Crossroads (1st Qualifier)
Gold Medal, SLC Triple Crown (CBS Sports)
Gold Medal, LA Qualifier
Gold Medal, New Orleans Junior National Championship

We did it Champs!
Go Tstreet!


Click here to see Junior Nationals Finals Recap  (go to 3:43 on the 2015 GJNC Recap 71  7/2)

17-Colton – USA Division Champions

Congratulations to the 17-1’s!

“What a long, strange trip its been…” Remarks Bob Weir, most likely in reflection of a life spent traveling the world and playing music. While the Tstreet 17-1s are not exactly a traveling band, our adventures this season can be accurately summed up with that phrase.

A mid-season change of Head Coaches along with a grueling schedule added up to 7 months of ups and downs & twists and turns. With no podium finishes prior to the 2015 Junior National Championships, Tstreet 17-1s entered the USA division as a true underdog. Finishing 3rd in the first pool and 2nd in the next pool only further backed up our underdog status, as we battled higher seeds and had to continually prove ourselves in 3 days worth of elimination matches. However, 7 months of intense training combined with competing in the toughest region in the nation prepared this team to beat just about any team standing in our path to gold.

After 3 taxing days, we had earned a spot in the gold bracket final 4. Defeating a tough Dynasty 17Black team in 3 sent us to the gold bracket finals, and we soon after walked to the stadium court with more energy and excitement than ever before. Just standing on that floor can give you chills, and we took our time getting mentally and physically prepared.

WoodlandsWave 17Elite would be our opponent, who had only dropped one match the entire tournament. While WoodlandsWave was the most worthy opponent we had faced, we had the 3Bs on our side, and after the most intense third game I have ever seen, Tstreet stormed the court and celebrated the club’s first ever gold medal. To have Troy on the sidelines with me was both exciting and humbling, and when we took our place on the podium, we truly ended the season having achieved our ultimate goal.

For all the athletes that aspire to win a gold medal…. keep at it! Even when we finished 0-3 in a mandatory or had to grind through another late practice, we needed those experiences to keep us tough and wanting more. We showed an incredible amount of heart in New Orleans, and our 3Bs never faltered. Each of the 13 members on this team made positive contributions all season, truly earning their gold medals.

Congrats to all the Tstreet teams for their successes in 2015, we’ll see you next season!

17-1 Gold

17-1 Gold 2

17-Colton Gold2

16-Curtis – Bronze Medal – Open Division

16s open bronze

Congratulations to the 16-1’s!

Our awesome run in pool play and Open Bronze medal finish (#3 team in the country!), were the perfect way to finish off a winning season for our 16s team.  The girls started off pool play with a calm and focused attitude, beating the 1st seed of the tournament right off the bat and finishing day 1 with another decisive win. This fueled our confidence going into days 2 and 3 where we continued to win hard fought battles, beating top seeds like TAV, who ended up winning the championship, and giving up only 1 match in pool play, finishing 1st in our pool.

We went into playoffs on day 4 with plenty of steam against SG Elite. We lost the 1st game but had momentum going into game 2, which we were able to maintain as we prevailed in a close 3 game battle. This took us to the medal rounds where we lost a close match to Mintonette of Ohio.  The girls fought hard and stayed disciplined throughout the entire tournament, and we couldn’t be more proud of what we were able to accomplish.

Congratulations to the entire team, and also to Shannon Scully and Lily Dyer on being selected to the prestigious  “Open All Tournament” Team.

16-Curtis-Shannon #3_009-981_web

Shannon Scully – “Open All Tournament” Team

16-Curtis-Lily #35_011-951_web

Lily Dyer – “Open All Tournament” Team