April 2017 Player of the Month

Irene Ortega is the April 2017 club-wide Player of the Month!

15-Ramon Player of the month is Irene Ortega. Irene plays libero and has constantly been bettering her serve receive every practice. Irene has been passing above 2.0 in the past month and has been a key player in our past tournaments. She is an aggressive back row player who solidifies our serve and pass and also defense. Keep up the hard work, Irene! Always #BBB
Coach Ramon


What is your “take away” from the sport of volleyball?

“My take away from volleyball is positivity. Having a positive vibe can determine your relationship with your teammates. I have learned that encouraging your teammates to be the best version of themselves has a great outcome. Once you make a mistake you learn what you did wrong and move on by not getting down on yourself about it. That is what positivity means to me. Even if you make an overpass and get the point because no one went for it you should still be positive about. It all starts with you. Positivity cannot just only be one person, it has to come from everyone. I believe that that is one of the biggest things I learned from the sport of volleyball. Positivity is key.”

What have you given back to volleyball?

“I believe I have given back to volleyball my determination. I have never been the kind of person that misses practice or likes to be late. I think that once I started to play volleyball a couple of years ago I have been able to really understand what it means to be determined. To me determination means problem solving and willpower. In volleyball determination means getting to practice on time, being aggressive, and having courage to try new things.”

 What is your favorite Tstreet memory?

“I have experienced so many great Tstreet memories but one of my personal favorites was at practice  during coach on one. I started off great picking up balls and doing pancakes, but all of a sudden my legs were slowly getting tired to the point where my coach threw the ball really far and while I was running to get it, I fell. I was on the floor for a good 15 seconds and I was the laughing the whole time with my team because it just happened out of no where and I looked really dumb. Even though it was really embarrassing, I will always look back at these moments and remember all the crazy stuff that has happened and laugh some more. “

Way to go Irene! We’re stoked you play for Tstreet.

Stay tuned for the May Player of the Month announcement