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Welcome to Tstreet Volleyball Club!

Since 2007, we have been training elite volleyball players, competing with the nation’s best clubs and building the best possible club volleyball culture. We offer various training programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced skill levels that are both challenging and fun. All year long, Tstreet host’s camps, clinics, showcases and many other training programs designed to improve volleyball skills, athleticism, drive and work ethic. In the past ten years, we have sent over 150 athletes to the college level and helped many aspiring athletes in achieving their goals. Tstreet has won 2 USAV Open National Championships (14-1s in 2017, 18-1s in 2015), 1 National Gold Medal (15-1s in 2017) and 1 USA Gold Medal (17-1s in 2015), along with many other podium finishes and bid tournament medals.

Tstreet is the #1 ranked club in Orange County

and the #7 ranked club in the Nation

Joining us at Tstreet is easy! Whatever your goals are within the sport of volleyball, Tstreet has a structured pathway available. In addition to club volleyball teams, we have our Tweens program, Youth Clinics, elite and beginning sand training, summer camps and more. All instruction at Tstreet is consistent, demanding, productive and fun. (See “programs” on our website for definitions of all offerings.)

Tstreet welcomes you to join us in whichever program best suits your needs and goals. Contact us at anytime via phone at 949.305.8083, send us an email at info@tstreetvolleyball.com or fill out the contact form below.


Tstreet Volleyball Club is dedicated to developing athletes, beginner to advanced, to their fullest potential in an enjoyable, serious teaching environment.


Tstreet is committed to integrity, organization and the constant growth of players, coaches and staff. We strive for a competitive but healthy training environment where athletes regardless of skill/experience look forward to practice, recognize and aspire to Tstreet’s high standards, respect coaches and teammates, enthusiastically train and continually improve. We expect all of our teams to compete confidently, fiercely and with integrity. While building the self-confidence of our players through sport, we expect to win tournaments, reach podiums, and acquire scholarships.


Troy Tanner – Owner & Founder

Troy Tanner founded Tstreet Volleyball Club in 2007 with just one team, including his daughter, Bailey. What started with a desire to improve club coaching for his daughter has led to Tstreet becoming a mainstay on the national power rankings list. With a talented group of handpicked coaches, volleyball structure designed to maximize reps and improve gameplay, and a gym with an amazing culture, Tstreet is always optimistic about our current and future seasons.


Des Tanner

Creative Director


Paige Hurlock

Club Director

Suzanne Keizer

Finance Coordinator

 (14s) (13s)

Megan Spurgin

Team / Travel Coordinator

(Bio) (16's)

Lisa Campbell

Apparel Coordinator


Mike Murphy

Coaching Supervisor

Curtis Yoder

Curtis Yoder

Coaching Supervisor

 (14s) (18s)

Carson Tanner

Coaching Supervisor

 (12s) (17s)

Taylor Rosas

Coaching Supervisor

 (13s) (16s)

Colton Naill

Coaching Supervisor


Question: Where are you located?

Answer: Our main gym is at 1 Autry, Irvine, CA 92618.


Question: When are tryouts?

Answer: Tryouts for 15U-18U girls will be held in August, tryouts for 12U-14U girls will be held in October. See our master calendar for exact dates.

Question: How many teams do you take?

Answer: We carry anywhere from 2 – 6 teams per age group. Each team will field approximately 12-13 players.

Question: How long is the club season?

Answer: 12U-14U teams practice from November 1 through June, and 15U-18U teams practice from December 1 through June. The end of the season is marked by the team’s Year End Tournament.

Question: My child plays another sport. Can she still play club?

Answer: We welcome multi-sport athletes and encourage cross training. Make sure you understand the commitment level before committing to a team. All club teams practice 3 times a week and compete in tournaments 1-2 times a month. Our travel teams have a higher commitment and we expect regular attendance to practices from all Tstreet athletes.

Question: Where do I find the tournament schedule?

Answer: Click here for the SCVA junior girls tournament schedule.

Question: How do I find out where my team is playing?

Answer: Click here for the SCVA weekend sites.

Question: Where do I find site directions for my tournament?

Answer: Click here for the SCVA weekend site directions.

Question: What is the general play schedule for tournaments?


1 v 3 (2 officiates)

2 v 4 (1 officiates)

1 v 4 (3 officiates)

2 v 3 (1 officiates)

3 v 4 (2 officiates)

1 v 2 (4 officiates)

Divisions 1-4 will play crossover matches/brackets following pool play.


Question: My daughter wants to play volleyball – what’s a good program for her to start in?

Answer: We have several programs for girls wanting to get into volleyball. Our introductory Youth Clinics (ages 8-12) offer once a week instruction on the basic fundamentals from our seasoned club coaches. Click here to go to Youth Clinics.

Our Tweens program caters to athletes (ages 9-14) who are interested in receiving more club-like experience. Tweens practice twice a week and participate in tournaments against other local clubs. Click here to go to Tweens.

Question: Do you have any programs for boys?

Answer: While our club program is strictly girls, we have other programs that are co-ed, including our Tsand beach volleyball program, Summer Camps and Clinics, and Summer Tweens.

Question: Do you have any adult programs?

Answer: We offer a morning ladies volleyball clinic on Wednesdays run by Coach Sandy. Click here to go to Tsquad.

Question: I’m not sure which program is best for my child. How can I pick the right one?

Answer: Programs will list age and skill level to help you make the right choice. Thorough descriptions are on the program’s webpage as well as the registration page. Read these carefully before registering for your chosen program.

Question: Do you offer private lessons?

Answer: Yes, several of our coaches are available for private lessons. Please see our coaches list and call the office for contact information. Please note: we do not offer private lessons to athletes who currently play for another club. Exceptions are made for athletes currently participating in Tstreet Elite Beach Volleyball Club.


Question: Who may attend Tstreet Camps and Clinics?

Answer: Tstreet Camps and Clinics are open to all athletes regardless of skill level or club affiliation. Anyone who wants to learn about the game is welcome to attend, and we offer a wide variety of programs ranging from beginner to advanced.

Question: Where are the camps and clinics held?

Answer: All camps and clinics are held at our state-of-the-art facility in Irvine off of Bake and Muirlands, with the exception of our Tsand Beach Volleyball Program, held at Mariners Church in Newport Beach, and Tstreet Elite Beach Volleyball Club, held at JSerra High School and Huntington Beach. We also have a Laguna Beach Tweens location at St Catherine’s School.

Question: How are players in the clinics grouped?

Answer: Athletes are grouped according to club experience and age.

Question: What do I need to bring to the clinic?

Answer: Bring lots of water, a snack, and wear a t-shirt, spandex, kneepads and volleyball shoes.

Question: Can I drop in to a clinic?

Answer: Yes, however we highly encourage you to register online as it is cheaper and drop ins must fill out a waiver prior to participation.


Question: How much does it cost to play for Tstreet?

Answer: Our tuition varies from program to program and is competitive with other elite volleyball clubs in Southern California. Cost varies by age group and team. Club tuition includes all regional tournaments, practices, uniforms, registration/membership fees, administrative costs, coaching expenses, and equipment costs. Current Fees are available through the Tstreet Office.

Question: Does club tuition include travel costs?

Answer: No (unless you are an Elite Travel player that chose to pay tuition and travel in full on Commitment Day) teams that travel will pay an additional fee and families are expected to make their own travel arrangements and book their hotels within the appropriate “Stay and Play” policies.

Question: Who do I contact for questions about my balance?

Answer: Regarding Club tuition balance and fees, please contact Finance Manager Suzanne Kaiser at tstreet@tstreetvolleyball.com or at ext. 101. Regarding Tweens tuition balance, please contact Director Paige Hurlock at paige@tstreetvolleyball.com or at ext. 102.


Question: How do I go about booking my hotel for travel tournaments?

Answer: Tstreet’s Club Coordinator will set up a block of rooms with the designated “Stay and Play” hotel which will then be sent to you through your team chaperone. Use the unique link or phone number to then book your room (1 room is designated per family).

Question: Do I have to stay at the designated hotel when my team travels?

Answer: Yes. All travel tournaments have a “Stay and Play” policy that each team must meet in order to be eligible to participate. Very few exceptions exist to stay outside of the “Stay and Play” housing. Contact the club coordinator for details or questions.

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